About the Foundation

The Lynch Foundation joined with Operation Support Our Troops, OSOT, January 2015 and became a program of that organization. OSOT has earned 5 stars on Charity Navigator and has over 10 years of experience in fundraising and charity accounting. OSOT provides general support and insures donations and their use are properly accounted. 

The Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) organization founded to create stop-gap measure funding to veterans and their families. The goal is to provide assistance in the recovery or education process allowing a veteran to move forward in their life.

The Foundation Board of Directors became Lynch Foundation Program Committee. Committee members are volunteers - no one is paid for their time or travel. Only office and normal business expenses are reimbursed to committee members.

The Lynch Foundation provides grants to veterans who are in need of financial assistance. In general, Veterans or their dependents will receive a one-time grant to assist in overcoming financial needs.  The Lynch Foundation provides a wide range of grant assistance; including but not limited to rent, temporary housing, medical expenses and auto payment. All funds are paid directly to creditors or service providers.  We do not pay grants directly to applicants. Though the grant is a one-time event we understand that on rare occasion there may be a need for a second grant. The first grant request requires a simple majority vote of committee members.  Subsequent grant requests require a positive vote of the full committee.