Assistance Criteria

We do not have a single definition of what we will or will not provide for a Service Member, Veteran or immediate family. Each case is decided upon merit. Our goal is to assist those seeking help who have a financial crisis and who are working to improve their lives. We do not give handouts but hand-ups. Our general criteria for providing assist is but not limited to:

  • Our assistance must solve the problem and not merely delay the inevitable.
  • We may assist those seeking gainful employment or in keeping current employment.
  • We may assist those who need educational assistance not provided by the VA or state government.
  • We may provide health care items that cannot or will not be supplied by the VA or insurance provider.
  • We may assist veterans in repairs necessary to keeping the Veteran’s home livable.

How We Have Assisted:

  • When a Veteran recovering from alcoholism had the bicycle he used to get to and from treatment stolen the Foundation arranged for him to get a replacement.
  • We provided lodging and food when a veteran became homeless while seeking employment.
  • Worked with ALL Temp Heating and Cooling to put a new furnace in a veteran’s home.
  • When a member of the Illinois National Guard lost his fulltime job upon return from a deployment and needed gas money to get to his part-time job we assisted with prepaid gas cards.
  • Purchased two needed cranial helmets for twin sisters because TRICARE would not purchase them for an active duty family.
  • Assisted a veteran with service connected breathing issues in getting a special HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit).
  • Bought an airplane ticked and a gift card so a service member serving in Afghanistan could come home for the birth of his child. The family already had a special needs child and the pregnancy for the new child had complications. Another organization refused to assist. We thought it necessary that he be home.
  • Purchasing a certified used car for a veteran so he could continue his work with PAWWS.
  • Assisted a veteran’s family in moving to another state so he could care for his aging mother.
  • Paid numerous auto repair bills for veterans in need an auto repair so they could get to and from work.