The Grant Process

Those applying for a grant must first have applied for assistance with other service providers. They must also sign a release of information so that the case manager may share information with us. This helps us to better understand the veteran’s need and participation in financial recovery.

We never pay the veteran or family member directly.  Those applying for a grant must be able to furnish documentation i.e., a lease, billing statement, auto repair bill etc. We request those veterans who have access to a computer apply on line.  Those who do not have a computer should set up an email account.  This may be done by using a public access computer at a local library, Veterans Advocacy resource center i.e., County Veterans Assistance Commission, Veteran’s job club or other of the many resources where veterans may have online access to a computer. Because we are a “Veterans Helping Veterans Help Themselves” organization being online in this computer age is a must for job seekers, VA benefits application and receiving a grant from this organization.

If applying by regular mail be aware that “snail mail” is just that, sometimes applications sent by mail are not received for 5 or more days.  “snail mail” applications take much longer to process because those applications must first be inputted into the foundation computer data base prior to any action being taken.  This in itself may take a day or two.

If a veteran has a less than honorable discharge, we must know the circumstances of that discharge and any documented mitigating circumstances. Though an “under honorable conditions” or “other than honorable” discharge is not an automatic bar to a grant, it will require some explanation prior to our considering a grant. Generally, we want to know the cause of the discharge, mitigating circumstances and what the veteran is doing at present.

Note:  VA Case Managers:

If you are not able to share the veteran’s information with us, please do not apply for the veteran or use yourself as a point of contact. Have the veteran apply for him/her self or have the veteran sign a release of information so that we may share information. Cases you refer to us in which you cannot share information only serves to delay the application.

We are aware that you have certain bars to what you are able to send and how you are able to send it. Sadly, we just don’t have the time, effort or energy to concern ourselves with your regulations that only serve to hinder our providing assistance. In the long run it would be better for you to just refer the veteran to another organization who can provide what we need to process the request in a timely manner.

If you are applying for rent assistance, please note we no longer assist with security deposits.

The Grant Process:

  • Veterans or immediate family applies online:
  • Email Letter of Instruction, (ELOI) is sent to the veteran or case worker requesting assistance.
  • Copy of DD 214 if not submitted is requested.
  • Copy of lease, repair bill or other billing statement is request
  • Requirement of first seeking assistance with another service provider is explained.
  • Once requested information and a point of contact with other Service Providers, (If not listed in the original request.), is received the request is sent to the committee for a vote.
  • The decision of the committee is sent to the veteran or case worker. If further development is needed such is addressed in the email.
  • Once we have all necessary documents the application is processed for payment.
  • Veteran or immediate family applies via snail mail.
  • Grant request is inputted into Foundation computer.
  • Letter is sent via snail mail or email.
  • Once requirements of the letter or email are met and necessary documents are received the request is sent to the committee for a vote.
  • Decision of the vote is sent to the veteran either by snail mail or email. If further development is needed that is requested.
  • Once we have all necessary documents the case is processed for payment.

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