Paul's Dioxin Chili


It’s an eternal question for wintertime foodies:

Who makes the best chili in the world?

The answer is usually split between “Ol’ Bob at the firehouse” or “any bowl in Cincinnati” (ugh---please!) or even more often, “Mine is!” But we all know that while millions make it, everyone wants to make the definitive American winter warm-up and pre-Superbowl pot of chili. Recipes will vary, as with any dish, but there’s a reason why people watch the Food Network or others to make everything from burgers to seared foie gras. They all want to do better!

For the past 54 years in Terlingua, Texas—in the Big Bend section of the Rio Grande—cooks who have qualified throughout the year in smaller events around the globe gather to see whose recipe will be judged the best bowl of red in the world. Under the sanction and rules of the world governing body of that group, the Chili Appreciation Society International (CASI) conducts the championship, and yes, I’m a past champion.

But I’m also a US Army veteran and founding board member of the Allen J. Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation. Like everyone in this totally crazy year, our abilities to raise capital for our activities has been impacted by the China virus, so we started thinking about other revenue streams. Among others, it was suggested we provide a means by which supporters could not only help us serve our veteran communities, but get something fun in return. So why not this?

Paul's Dioxin Chili

Paul's Dioxin Chili

Help us out, will you? It’s a great stocking stuffer and fun office gift, too. Simply help us with a $20 contribution and we’ll give you the real, no BS,...

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