About Us

About Us

Our organization is operated by a staff of energetic volunteers. Your generous donations are used to help our needy veterans become self-sufficient.

We work closely with our partner organizations to provide grants our partners who are engaged in providing educational programs, direct assistance. We provide three types of grants:


  • Performance Grants: Are given to charitable organizations providing direct assistance to a veteran or immediate family members who are in need of home repair, one-time housecleaning and or waste removal.


  • Veterans Assistance Grant: the grant is given to one of our partner charitable organizations that provides direct financial assistance a veteran or immediate family.


  • Event Grant: The grant is given to charitable organizations for the purpose of conducting events or programs that address issues related to the veteran community.


In addition to providing grants we were closely with our partner organizations in developing programs and opportunities for veterans in need. Through our partnerships with such organizations as utility workers military assistance program UMAP and the Dixon Center we have been able to assist veterans in need of assistance with utility and rent payments. We have also given a grant to the all-women’s Honor Flight to sponsor three women veterans on their trip to Washington. We also worked with National Able in sponsorship of a all women’s Wellness Day.