How We Help

How We Help

AJ Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation was originally formed to provide funding to needy veterans and their families in order to assist in their recovery from financial hardships. Recognizing a greater need, we have transitioned to aiding veteran-friendly organizations through leveraging our partners and sponsors to provide greater assistance than we could otherwise provide by ourselves. We provide substantial funds to programs without much effort on their part. This aid, however, is dependent on your contributions which will help multiple veteran-friendly organizations preforming a multitude of veterans support. Each organization goes through a rigorous vetting process to ensure that funds granted will be used in the most effective manner possible. You can be assured your contributions will be used to help veterans. No member of the Allen J Lynch Medal of Honor Veterans Foundation draws any payment, there are, however, minimum expenses such as maintaining this site.

Among the Ways We Have helped

-Assisted a veteran’s family in moving to another state so he could care for his aging mother.

-Assisted a veteran with service-connected breathing issues in getting a special HVAC (heating, ventilating, and air conditioning unit.

-Purchased two cranial helmets for two young girls because TRICARE would not purchase them for an active duty family.

-Bought an airplane ticket and a gift card so a service member serving in Afghanistan could come home for the birth of his child. The family already had a special needs child and the pregnancy for the new child had complications. Another organization refused to assist. We thought it necessary that he be home.

After transitioning to provide greater support, we are

-Assisting the Utility Workers Military Assistance Program (UMAP) in providing sustainability to veterans going through their program, to help get them through the CoVid-19 crisis. These veterans, upon graduation, will be hired by People’s Gas. This, in turn, will lift them out of poverty and sometimes homelessness.

-Continuing our partnership with the Chicago Woman’s Wellness Project to educate and assist female veterans with their unique issues.

-Provided funds to the All – Woman Veterans Honor Flight projected to take place in October.