Success Stories

Bill's Story:

Bill entered the Transitional Housing Program (TR) at Lovell FHCC and needed help in putting together a resume and in job search strategies. I began working with him as part of my Employment Counseling efforts at the TR Program. TR is like a halfway house for veterans run by Lovell’s Mental Health Department.

We focused on his desire to work at the FHCC in any capacity to get his foot in the door of federal employment. I gave him instructions on the basics of completing an effective USA Jobs resume and application.

I then gave him one our programs’ refurbished computers to use to do the resume and job search. After several months of applying he secured a job in Food Service at the FHCC starting at $16.12 per hour.

Additionally, this job and the confidence he acquired from successfully getting the job allowed him to apply and be accepted as a permanent House Manager in the TR program.

Paul's Story:

I met Paul through a community partner organization that helps veterans with housing. He was re-locating to be closer to his children and coming out of a major rehabilitation effort. This was during COVID so the libraries near his new house were not open to use their computers to find jobs. He had been applying for jobs online and creating his resume using his phone and was becoming very frustrated.

We did our counseling over the phone and I got one our laptops to him through his housing case manager. He was like a new person after he was able to send me his revised resume from his laptop.

Within a month he had found a job in Chicago at a tool and die company making parts for railroad maintenance starting out at $20.00 per hour.