The Grant Process

The Grant Process

Please Note: Grants are only accepted from 501(c)(3) organizations located in Illinois.

Illinois veterans seeking assistance should apply to our partner organizations. We encourage individuals who are in need of support to contact us if they need assistance in finding in finding assistance.

The Lynch Foundation provides three types of grants to qualified Illinois Not For Profit organizations..

  • Performance Grants: Are given to charitable organizations providing direct assistance to a veteran or immediate family members who are in need of home repair, one-time housecleaning and or waste removal.
  • Veterans Assistance Grant: The grant is given to one of our partner charitable organizations that provides direct financial assistance to a veteran or immediate family.
  • Event Grant: The grant is given to charitable organizations for the purpose of conducting events or programs that address issues related to the veteran community.

To qualify for any of our grants, the organization must be based in Illinois or have a subsidiary located in Illinois and submit:

  • A copy of their federal not-for-profit letter or equivalent.
  • Copies of most recent federal and state filings, i.e. Federal income tax, Illinois Atty. Gen.’s office and Secretary of State.

Based on the type of grant, additional information will be required:

  • Performance Grant
    • If the grant request is for a project i.e. home repair a project plan must be submitted. The plan must show how the project will improve the veteran’s quality of life and the necessity for the repairs.
  • Veterans Assistance Grant –
    • The organization must have a plan for the veteran that includes a description of how the grant will put the veteran on the road to solvency. The plan must include financial counseling.
    • The partnering organization must have a means of follow-up to determine the success of the veteran’s financial plan. A case number must be assigned to the veteran so that there is a means of monitoring the success or failure of the financial plan. The foundation will keep no personal records of veterans provided assistance. Such will be kept by the partnering organization.
  • Event Grant –
    • The requesting organization must have a business plan/event plan including a budget, goals and objectives.

There must be a means of measuring the success or failure of the event.